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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

All students and parents should check this page at least once a year. Taking the right courses in high school is the most crucial step you will take in going to a four year college after high school graduation. How many of the admissions requirements have you satisfied? What is your plan to satisfy all the requirements by the end of your senior year? With good planning you can complete more than the minimum requirements and be an even better applicant to the college of your choice.

We have broken this section up into four subjects:


Requirements for California Community Colleges

Any one of the following is sufficient to enroll in a California Community College:

a) High school diploma;
b) age 18;
c) successful completion of the CHSPE; or
d) GED.


UC and CSU Admission Requirements:

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Requirements for Independent Colleges and Universities

Most independent Colleges and Universities prefer students who have met the University of California (UC) A-G requirements and have taken some AP courses in high school. Many Independent Colleges and Universities also consider the overall strength of students' high school preparation, SAT or ACT scores, personal essay, letter of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and individual talents and achievements.