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Amount: Varies
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Name: American Dental Foundation
Phone: 312-440-2500


The American Dental Association Foundaiton offers 2 main scholarships to dental students. The first is the Predoctoral Dental Student Scholarship Program and Underrepresented Minority Dental Student Scholarship Program, which annually provides up to 54 merit-based scholarships with a total value of $135,000 to second-year dental students and underrepresented minority dental students (African American, Hispanic, Native American) across the U.S. These scholarships work to defray a part of students' professional education expenses and facilitate the educaiton of academically gifted dental students. Application period is in fall, and applicatoins are submitted by the school on behalf of the student The student must be currently enrolled full-time in dental school, have a 3.5 GPA, demonstrate financial need, must be a minority, and provide two references. Awarded scholarships are up to $2,500. The second scholarshpi is the Allied Dental Student Scholarship Program, which aims to help dental assisting, dental hygeience, and dental laboratory technology students defray their professoinal educational expenses. Application period is in spring and applications are submitted by the school on behalf of the student The stuent must be a U.S. citizen, be enrolled at school full-time, demonstrate financial need, and have a 3.5 GPA. There are different eligibility requirements for the three subfields. These awards are up to $1,000.