Bay Area Gardner’s Foundation Scholarship


Bay Area Gardner's Foundation




Amount: $1,500
Award Number: 20
GPA Required: None specified


None specified


P.O. Box 3446
Redwood City , CA 94064


Name: n/a
Phone: 650-631-1200


 BAGSF provides financial support to low-income, underserved and underrepresented students who are pursuing college their college education. Students must reside within the counties of San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara. Yearly, BAGSF awards twenty scholarships of $1,500; two of the twenty recipients who display community involvement and who are excelling academically will receive an additional $1,000 to students. The BAGSF scholarship is open to high schools seniors expected to graduate in spring of 2015, high school graduates, GED recipients, and students attending college. This scholarship is renewable new and past applicants can apply each year. *All applicants must apply using the most current year’s scholarship application*.

BAGSF awards are focus on applicants who display:

1)Financial need- Our scholarship intends to support students with significant financial barriers to fulfill their higher education goals.

2) Academically Achievements- Academic performance demonstrates the hard work our applicants exert in an effort to achieve their college and career goals. We consider performance as a measure of not just knowledge but also commitment, dedication, and responsibilities.

3)Community involvement- Students must perform community involvement by volunteering and completing 25 hours at non-profit organization. Please complete volunteering/community work form and attached it with application. Community work must be completed before submitting application. (See volunteering/community work form for details)

Commitments-All scholarship recipients are expected to attend these events:

1) Student Rehearsal Day: On this day, Scholarship Recipients meet our founder, board members, and recipients take a profile picture for our event program Instructions for dinner ceremony will be provided.

2) BAGSF Recognition dinner and ceremony: Scholarship Recipients are recognized and will personally receive scholarship check.