Student Testimonials


“The East Bay Consortium/Cal-SOAP has been a great resource for me that has encouraged and supported me through my middle and high school years, which has motivated me to pursue higher education, inspire me to help my community and aspire me to reach for my dream.”
–Roger Moy, 2nd year at UC Davis



Jin Lin

“PCA has been a great source of support and information which enriched and helped me in my pursue for higher education.”

–Jin Lin, 3rd year at UC Berkeley




“PCA was one of the most important things in my life that lead me to be the person I am now.”
–Ismael Blanco, 2nd year at UC Davis




ana Guzman

“Growing up in an atmosphere where no college graduates were near sight, made it difficult for me to apply to college. I felt like I was on my own, however thanks to the guidance and tutoring that East Bay Consortium/Cal-SOAP provided for me through the Pre-Collegiate Academy made it much easier on me. They are the reason why I am in college; I couldn’t have done it without them.”
–Ana Guzman, 2nd year at San Francisco State University



ana Guzman

“East Bay Consortium has been extremely influential in my life since middle school and continues through today. If it wasn’t for PCA I would not have been exposed to College and the opportunities available after high school. I am forever grateful for the tutoring, counseling, mentors and education that were provided through high school and for showing me the importance of giving back to my community. They not only opened the doors to Higher Education but also provided me with a job opportunity as a student at UC Berkeley that has shaped the professional I am today. EBC continues to be one of the best resources I turn to for personal and professional development.”
–Cynthia Gonzalez, UC Berkeley Alumni Class of 2005, Financial Aid Counselor at St. Mary’s College of California



“Working with the East Bay Consortium/Cal-SOAP has greatly influenced my career goals. I have realized that I want to pursue a career in the education field and this organization has helped inspire and excite me to do so.”
–Kirsten Karttunen, Tutor/Mentor, 3rd year at UC Berkeley


“Teaching is definitely a career option for me now!”
–Aurelia Ai-lin Cheng, Tutor/Mentor, 3rd year at UC Berkeley


“Influenced me to go into teaching.”
–Theresa Duong, tutor/mentor, UC Berkeley Alumni, Class of 2008


“I plan to stay and teach in the East Bay after seeing such a dire need for it.”
–Andrew Brooking, tutor/mentor, 4th  year at UC Berkeley


“The East Bay Consortium/Cal-SOAP has influenced my career goals because I want to one day start my own non-profit in inter-city Los Angeles, my hometown.”
–Fornesha Torrence, College Advisor, 5th year at UC Berkeley