Seniors’ College Admissions Checklist

1. Have a counselor evaluate your records for A-G requirements: 2015_College_requirements
2. Make sure you are taking the correct classes for your college choices.
3. Obtain college admission applications and housing information.
4. Register to take admission tests (SAT I, ACT and SAT II ) for your college choice (ask your high school counselor if you qualify for a fee wavier).
5. Begin preparing for financial aid procedures (Free Application for Federal Student Aid or CA Dream Act). Gather income tax records, family and your income figures. Familiarize yourself with types of financial aid and how to apply. Request forms from individual colleges.

1. Attend the College Information Day event on the UC Berkeley campus.
2. Research scholarships and write for applications.
3. Begin work on autobiographical essay for college applications see Step 7 here
4. Take admissions tests
5. File California State University Appication, opening date from 10/1-11/30. File the application online at CSU Mentor
6.Apply for financial aid (fill out the FAFSA form for State and Federal aid or CA Dream Act for state and institution aid). SUBMIT YOUR FINANCIAL AID Application (FAFSA or CA Dream Act) BETWEEN OCTOBER 1 AND MARCH 2!!!
7. Ensure that a Cal-Grant GPA form is filled out by your high school counselor and submitted by March 2nd.

1. File University of California applications. Opening date is 11/1 and 11/30. File the application online at UC Pathways. Private schools have varying filing dates, so check with each individual school.
2. Fill out preliminary transcript requests at registrar’s office, showing college work completed for prior years.
3. Take admissions or achievement tests.
4. Call and write EOP offices at your schools of interest to check deadlines for the EOP application process.

1. Ask teachers and counselors to complete recommendations for you, if needed for scholarships and/or admissions.
2. Take admission tests.
3. Apply for Scholarships.

1. Make sure you are checking your college portals.
2. Apply for scholarships.

1. Submit all supplementary documents to colleges and financial aid institutions (i.e. copy of income tax forms, transcript). Make sure all materials have been forwarded to all the colleges you are applying to.
2. Apply for scholarships.

1. Admissions notifications usually come out in mid-April for private colleges and some UC’s. State universities usually notify in mid-May. Acceptance/denial notices continue through July.
2. May 1 is the official reply date for private colleges.
3. Request final transcripts to the college of your choice the last two weeks of school or immediately after.
4. Apply for scholarships.

At all times
1.Keep in contact with your counselor and college going network.
2.Carefully read all correspondence from colleges: KNOW YOUR DEADLINES!!
3.Ask questions if you do not understand.
4. Apply for Scholarships.