ANA-Minority Fellowship Program


American Nurses Association


March 1


Amount: Varies
Award Number: n/a
GPA Required: n/a


Nursing with a focus on minority psychiatric mental health and substance abuse disorders


8515 Georgia Avenue
Suite 400
Silver Spring , MD 20910 3492


Name: n/a
Phone: (301) 628-5247


African American, Asian American, Latino Hispanic, Native, Pacific Islander, Person of Color


Currently, the MFP administers a pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship program. These 3-5 pre-doctoral and 2-year post-doctoral fellowships are offered to masters and doctorate prepared nurses committed to studying minority psychiatirc metal health and substance abuse disorders. Eligibility requirements are:

  • An American Citizen or have Permanent Visa Status;
  • An Individual with a Master’s Degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing or a Related Field and Pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health or Related Field;
  • A Registered Nurse;
  • An ANA Member;
  • A Member of an Ethnic/Racial Minority Group: Asian or Asian American, Black or African American, Hispanic, or Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and
  • Able to Demonstrate a Commitment to a Research Career in Nursing and Substance Abuse and/or Psychiatric/Mental Health Issues Affecting Minority Populations