The GEM Fellowship Program


The National GEM Consortium




Amount: Varies (stipend, paid internship, full tuition)
Award Number: Varies
GPA Required: 2.8 (MS Engineering Program), 3.0 (PhD Program)


Engineering, Science, Computer Science


1430 Duke Street
Alexandria , VA 22314


Name: n/a
Phone: (703)-562-3646


African American, Asian American, Latino Hispanic, Native, Pacific Islander, Person of Color


The GEM Fellowship Program offers an MS Engineering Fellowship Program, a PhD Engineering Fellowship and a  PhD Science Fellowship. Visit website for specifics on each program.

GEM's fellowship programs span the entire recruitment, retention, and professional development spectrum. GEM's principal activity is the provision of graduate fellowships at the MS and Ph.D. levels coupled with paid summer internships. GEM also offers programming on the importance of graduate school and tools for access and successful matriculation.  Additionally, GEM produces publications for graduate and undergraduate students, university and industry administrators to assist in the education process of how to obtain a graduate STEM education. GEM is devoted to increasing access and success in engineering and science graduate education and practice.

GEM's program activities go beyond financial support by engendering student success in academic and professional environments. GEM has a solid success record in implementing effective programs to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation of minority students.

GEM provides three Fellowship Programs. The application cycle for these three programs are July 1 - November 15: