UCT Scholarship


United Commercial Travelers of America


Applicants reviewed on a monthly basis


Amount: up to $2,500 per year
Award Number: Varies
GPA Required: n/a


For students/teachers intending to teach people with intellectual disabilities.


1801 Watermark Drive
Suite 100
Columbus , OH 43215 8619


Name: Ann Marshall
Phone: (800) 848-0123 ext.126
Email: amarshall@uct.org


Program is designed to provide financial assistance to those who wish to teach the mentally handicapped. Eligibility criteria: Applicants may be either: 1) current teachers of the mentally handicapped who need additional course work to be certified or to retain certification; 2) experienced teachers who wish to become certified to teach the mentally handicapped; 3) holders of baccalaureate or master's degrees who wish to pursue graduate work in the field of special education; 4) college juniors or seniors whose course of study is special education specificially focusing on teaching people with intellectual disabilities;  5) anyone who has plans to become an instructor under a structured trade, vocational, or recreation program at a facility for the mentally handicapped and 6) be in the second year of a two-year associate's degree program in an accredited school, with the couse of study specifically focusing on teaching people with intellectual disabilites. 


Applicants must plan to be of service to people with intellectual disabilities in the U.S. or Canada. Applicants should request an application by contacting UCT's Fraternal Department by phone, email or through the website. Initial applicants must also provide a resume. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis and applicants should allow two months for distribution of scholarship assistance.  Scholarship amounts range from $200-$500 a semester/quarter.

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. 
Applicants should allow two months
of scholarship assistance.