Top College Resources Online

Here is a list of the most informative college websites that the East Bay Consortium has compiled – everything from the College Board to FastWEB. Not only are they listed all together in one place, but you can also link to any of the sites on the list. We have separated the links into two sections:

ACT is a nonprofit organization that provides educational services to students and their parents, to high schools and colleges, and to professional associations and government agencies. ACT is best known for its college admissions testing program, but has since developed programs in the areas of college admissions and advising, career and educational planning, student aid, continuing education, and professional certification and licensure. Visit the ACT website.

Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities
AICCU represents 71 California independent colleges and universities. These institutions work together to maintain the high standards of a private college education. They take pride in offering a personal touch with respect to admissions, teaching and campus environment. Each campus has its own uniqueness and individual character. Visit the AICCU website.

California Colleges
Find information for parents and students on planning and paying for college in California; for junior high students and up, here.

California Community Colleges:
To learn more about the CA community colleges visit their website.

California State University
The California State University (CSU) is a 23-campus, statewide system of comprehensive and polytechnic universities and the California Maritime Academy. The CSU awards bachelor and master’s degrees in more than 200 subject areas and serves 344,000 students. For more information visit the CSU website.

College Board Online (SAT)
The College Board is a national association of schools, colleges, and other educational organizations dedicated to putting college within the reach of all students. The College Board can provide you with the information and services that will set you on your way to college and the world of work. Sign up here for more information and registering for the exam.

College Edge
This site is for high school/secondary school, international and transfer students who want to find the right college or university and inform the right college about themselves. Plus, information and guidance on scholarships, careers, majors, financial aid and more, can be found here!

This site offers searchable information and links to college web sites. Students and advisors can locate financial aid and scholarship information, file on-line applications, and obtain material about standardized tests. Start navigating CollegeNET!

One-stop source for everything you need to find the college that’s right for you, take virtual tours, find scholarships and financial aid information, apply to college electronically, plan your career, ask questions of guidance counselors, read book excerpts about college and making the most of your experience. Start your research here.

CollegeXpress has provided information to college-bound students for over a decade. They offer advice and information about college in general and about particular colleges and universities. Start your research here.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
Want to learn more about black colleges and universities, click here.

Kaplan Educational Centers
(Fee) One of the leaders in test preparation. Kaplan will help you get a higher score on standardized test such as the SSAT and ISEE for secondary school, PSAT, SAT, and ACT for college, and graduate school examinations. More information can be found here.

Peterson’s Education Center
Information on colleges and universities, professional degree programs, study abroad and distance learning opportunities, financial aid, internships, summer programs, career guidance, and more, here.

The Princeton Review
(Fee) One of the nation’s most popular standardized test preparation companies across four channels of distribution: courses, books, software, and online services. Students can gather information about tests, admissions, internships, and career programs. To learn more about their services click here.

University of California (UC)
University of California, a 10-campus statewide system, is one of the largest and most acclaimed institutions of higher education in the world. UC is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and public services. For more information visit the UC website.

UC Pathways
This site provides prospective University of California students with information about UC requirements, transfer requirements, financial aid and more. You can also reach the UC online application through this site. Get the information you need here.

Western Association for College Admissions Counseling:
A volunteer organization of nearly 1,300 secondary, postsecondary and independent counselors, WACAC is dedicated to serving students as they explore options and make choices about pursuing postsecondary education. Visit the WACAC website for more information.

Government California Student Aid Commission (CSAC):
For the past four decades, CSAC has provided financial aid for more than two generations of students to help them with the costs of higher education. The Commission’s grant programs provide students with opportunities to continue their education beyond high school. The Commission also administers the nine Cal-SOAP Programs in the state. Get more information at the CSAC site.

Click on Students/Parents to learn more about planning for college, applying for financial aid, and managing your student loan. You’ll also find information on low-interest federal loans and sound advice on borrowing. Learn more here. 

Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA Express):
Electronic versions of FAFSA that you can use to submit your completed application form to the Department of Education through the web, by modem, or by mail. Visit the FAFSA site to learn more.

This page was established as a service to students and universities to provide a free, comprehensive, independent, and objective guide to student financial aid. Learn more at

The Guide to Federal Student Aid: Funding your Education:
User friendly publication which provide step-by-step instructions on how students can learn about and apply for financial aid for college. View and download the publication here.

Provides high school students and their parents, college students and recent college graduates with tools, free of charge, to locate and apply for college scholarships, internships, loan and savings opportunities, and to successfully transition from high school to college and from college to career. Visit to see their offerings.

Nellie Mae:
Nellie Mae, Inc. was created to expand access to higher education with private loan programs for students and families throughout the country who need an alternative to or additional funding beyond federal loan programs. Learn more here.

Sallie Mae:
A financial services corporation that specializes in funding education. They fund approximately 40% of all insured student loans. Learn more here.

For more information about Oakland Unified School District their address is:

Compiled by the East Bay Consortium of Educational Institutions