Jenny Franchot & Albert Johnson Diversity Scholarship Program


Berkeley Student Foundation


May 1 of entering school year, or Nov 30 if applying for fall se


Amount: $4,000 total, $1,000/year
Award Number: 10 for Fall, 3 for Spring
GPA Required: None


All areas of study


Berkeley Student Foundation, Attn: Mark Himelstein
2000 Center Street., Suite 300
Berkeley , CA 94704


Name: Mark Himelstein
Phone: (510) 841-8575


African American, Asian American, Latino Hispanic, Native, Pacific Islander, Person of Color


The Berkeley Student Foundation is pleased to present the Jenny Franchot and Albert Johnson Diversity Scholarship Program.  The  Scholarship awards reflect the Berkeley Student Foundation’s commitment to diversity in higher education and are intended to encourage under-represented minorities to attend and remain at U.C. Berkeley and to promote the diversity of the U.C. Berkeley student body.  The Berkeley Student Foundation awards up to thirteen annual, private scholarships of  up to $1,000 each ($500 for the initial Spring semester award) renewable up to four years to incoming freshmen or renewable up to two years for junior transfer students.

Eligibility Criteria

1) Candidates must belong to one of the following under-represented ethnic categories (according to the standards set by the University of California):
•   African American
•   Native American
•   Chicano/Latino
•   Southeast Asian
•   Pacific Islander
•   Multi-ethnic (at least one parent must be a member of one of the aforementioned groups)
•   Disabled

Students must submit an application and will be selected by the Scholarship Committee based on the following:

10% academic achievement, 30% financial need, 30% community service and 30% personal history.

Application is online.