Civitan Shropshire Scholarships


Civitan International Foundation


January 31


Amount: $1,000 (both undergraduate and graduate), directly to institutio
Award Number: n/a
GPA Required: n/a


Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing careers which help further the ideals and purposes of Civitan International as embodied in its "Creed". 


Civitan International Foundation, Shropshire Scholarship
P.O. Box 130744
Birmingham , AL 35213 0744


Name: Lauren Turrigilo
Phone: 1-800-CITIVAN ext 131


All applications for a Civitan Shropshire Scholarship should originate at the local club level. We hope your club knows of a deserving student who meets the qualifications as outlined below. 


 -Candidates must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program at an 

accredited community college, vocational school, four-year college or graduate school. 

- Candidates must be a Civitan, Campus Civitan, or Junior Civitan and must have been a member for at least two years. In the case of Junior Civitan candidates, a letter of endorsement must be submitted with the application and it must come from the applicant's club advisor or school principal. 

- Applicants successful in receiving a Civitan scholarship must have an interim of no less than two years before applying for another Civitan scholarship. 

- Candidates must return the three-part application which includes one portion on personal information, one portion completed by the school and one portion completed by the sponsoring Civitan club endorsing the candidate. (That's where your sponsoring club comes in!) 

-All applications must be received in the Civitan International office postmarked nlater than January 31 to qualify. 


Students are evaluated based on academic record, professional objectives, Civitan involvement, community/school service activities, and financial need. An application consists of 3 parts: a student application, a school appication, and a Civitan Club Scholarship.